Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Chucktown Stop"

It's been a great vacation!  We topped off the Hilton Head trip with a stop in Charleston, SC to visit our great friends Todd & Mindy and their beautiful daughter Lexi.  Lexi is 2 yrs old going on 3 and is full of energy.  We were excited to introduce her to Luke, especially since she will be getting a baby sister this fall.

Todd and I have been friends since we first met the summer of 1996, when my dad and I met Todd and his dad at Duke.  Todd and I became roommates for three years and were each others "best man" in our respective weddings.  We played football together at Duke.  Todd was a linebacker and I a wide receiver.  Although we didn't win as many games as we had hoped, the friendships forged over those years are truly priceless.

The past week has been a great vacation with tremendous memories.  I was able to keep up with my training as I prepare to race Providence 70.3 on July 10th.  I especially enjoyed the bike ride with my Uncle Mark on Friday morning.  Good luck to him as he prepares for his own bike race over the 4th.  I always enjoy the long runs on the beach, especially during sunrise.  Not only is it a bit cooler, but it allows me to experience the best part of the day with the goal of living and enjoying each day to the fullest.  Come tomorrow morning, it'll be Pittsburgh or bust and only dirty diapers and baby screams could post-pone our arrival home.  I'm looking forward to getting back to the 'burgh and getting back into a more consistent training week as I look to improve on my Eagleman performance in Providence.

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  1. Ben and Todd still look like the studs they were in the late 90's! I am proud of both of you men, husbands, fathers and professionals. I am happy to see your friendship thriving still.