Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Rhody Countdown" (part II)

I've arrived in Providence, Rhode Island for the Amica Ironman 70.3.
My good friend Greg Owens and I arrived yesterday at the R.I. Convention Center at 6:02. This is significant bc we were trying to get there by 6:00 to pick-up our race packets. Keep in mind it was supposed to be a 10 hr trip, but Connecticut traffic made it 11 hrs. So we park the car at 6:02 and run from the parking lot to the third floor of the convention center. Just as we arrive at the check-in desk, the woman says, "that's it, we're closed. You guys are the last ones." Wow!!! We drove 11 hrs and every minute of the drive and our one stop for gas concluded in us making it to registration by about five seconds to spare. So we got checked-in and Greg bought some "merch," which is short for merchandise. He said to me later in the car, "you didn't even buy any merch." I looked at him and said, "I just spent $2800 on race wheels." He replied, "fair enough."

Yes, I did buy the race wheels. My last post ended with both of us wondering if I would purchase them. Laura was very supportive about it and I made the big purchase. I'm psyched to go test them out this morning before dropping the bike off at T1 this afternoon. As for my second big decision about accepting a slot for Las Vegas, if I'm fortunate enough to earn one. This decision remains undecided. Laura has given me her blessing to accept it if I so choose, but I must decide for myself. It will be a gametime decision if the opportunity presents itself.

I'm off to get some breakfast and tackle the day's tasks off getting ready for tomorrow's race. Check back on Monday or Tuesday for my first race recap.

By the wY, I typed this on my iPhone so disregard any grammatical errors.


  1. The race packet situation from Eagleman all over again!!!! Whew - another close one! :)

    Make those race wheels sing to you on race day!

  2. Just goes to show five seconds can make all the difference in our lives. Good luck with those new wheels. You owe Laura and Lucas big time, Buddy! We will be following your times on GO FOR THE GOLD! Dad