Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Back to School, Back to School"

This week was the first week back to work with students. It was also Luke's first week of daycare, which we affectionately refer to as school. So needless to say, the week has been much more hectic. However, like most triathletes do, I found ways to fit in my last heavy week of training. Last time I posted, I was preparing for a 120 mile training ride with Matty Mo. I'm happy to report that I had a fantastic ride. Despite some severe back spasms Thursday and Friday before the ride, I was able to loosen up the back and put in a good ride. For the most part, I was able to keep up with Matty Mo, one of the strongest cyclers in Pittsburgh. I was also pleased that I was able to follow up the ride with an hour and a half run the next day. My legs were a little heavy and my back continued to be tight, but overall I felt pretty good.

We are now one week until Vegas. Chad (Holderbaum) has been gracious enough to lend me his bike case for the flight and Beth (Shutt) is putting together the weekends itinerary. Of course I'm riding her coat tails again. :). All that's left is a few more days of light training some serious packing. Talk to you again from Vegas.


  1. I love that you call it "school" for Luke. We do the same for Tyler. It makes us as parents feel better and Tyler thinks he's the big guy on campus going to school. :)

  2. Ben--Congratulations on a good performance in Vegas, amid the start of school, Lucas beginning day-care, your cold and the inhaler mishap. Your family is proud of you! Dad