Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Kona Project: "A Week in the Life of...Day 3"

Monday 2/24/14

It's a day off!  No workouts for today.  To put it simply, I get to be a normal person for a day.  I'll touch on the highlights.

6:00 am: Wake-Up
Boy did it feel good to sleep-in.

6:00-6:50 am: Get ready for work
It doesn't take me long to get myself ready in the morning.  I could probably be out the door in 20 minutes.  Most of the time is used getting the boys ready for school.  After Laura feeds Matthew at 5:00 am, she gets herself ready.  I got Luke and Matty ready.  For Luke, this includes going to the potty, getting dressed, brushing the teeth, combing the hair, getting him milk and two Eggo waffles to eat in the car on the way to "school."  For Matty, this includes a diaper change, getting dressed, and putting him in the car seat.  Oh, I feed Porter (our dog) and let him out to go to the bathroom too.  All of us eat our breakfast in the car.  It's about a 30 minute drive to Kindercare so eating the car saves us some time at home.  Laura and I try to drive together as much as possible, but some days I'll take the boys in the morning and she'll pick-up in the afternoon so I can get home and start a workout.

7:45 am-3:45 pm: I do have a job
A routine day at Mount Lebanon High School trying to teach teenagers math.  I teach Honors Geometry to freshman and a course named College Prep Math to juniors and seniors.  Word is getting around to my track sprinters that I won't be coaching this year.  When they ask, I explain that the spring will be an important time to train for my qualifying races for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships.  One student said, "is that the thing that ends with the marathon."

4:10 pm: Pick up the boys from daycare
Best part of the day!  Matty still a little too young, but Luke gives a huge smile and runs over when you show-up in his room.  It's awesome!

5:00 pm: Arrive home
After a car ride full of questions from Luke and requests to hear certain songs on the radio, we unload the gang at home.  I feed Porter and let him out, and immediately start on making dinner while Laura feeds Matty.  ChimiChangas with ground Turkey for tonight with a side of broccoli.

6:00 pm: Eat dinner
We've started playing "Happy and Sad" with Luke at dinner.  We each tell what made us happy and sad today.  Luke comes up with some pretty funny things most of which didn't happen.

6:45 pm: Homework
We've been doing the The Pittsburgh Plan with Luke for about a year.  It's an educational program created by Dick McCoy that teaches young kids to incorporate homework and learning into their lives in a no stress, no expectation environment.  We don't do the 15 minute homeworks as often as we should according to the plan, but there is no doubt it has helped Luke learn letters, numbers, shapes, counting, and the beginnings of reading.  We've even started addition.

7:00-7:45 pm: Bath, Books, & Bedtime
If you've read the other posts, you know this routine.  If you haven't read the other posts, it is just what it sounds like.

8:00-8:30 pm: Haircut & Shower
I cut my own hair.  This was a quick and short haircut.  A number 3 clip all around and a 2 to clean up the edges.

9:00 pm: Bedtime
I have an early morning tomorrow.

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