Thursday, February 27, 2014

Kona Project: "A Week in the Life of...Day 4"

Tuesday 2/25/14

4:10 am: Wake-up
Not everyday can be a day off.

4:50 am: In the pool
3000 yds (300 WU, 600 build, 2x300, 3x200, 6x100, 300 CD)
Good swim!

5:50 am: Out of the pool
Shower and dress for work at the gym.

6:05 am: Leave the gym
Eat a Cliff Bar and drink the rest of my Gatorade to hold me over till breakfast in the car on the way to work.

6:20 am: Arrive back home
Get Matty and Luke dressed.
Feed Porter and let him out.
Pack-up the car full of kids, bottles, school bag and lunch.
Grab breakfast to eat in the car.

6:55 am: Off we go!
We're running a little late today.  I hope we hit green lights.

7:25 am: Arrive at KinderCare
I drop-off Matty today and Laura walks Luke to his classroom.  Laura takes too long to drop Matty off.  It's a mother thing I guess.  We don't have time to wast today.

7:40 am: Arrive at school
Whew! We must have hit every green light.

7:45 am -3:45 pm:  School day/Work day
Honors Geometry class is working on a Ractrack Geometry problem where they have to calculate the "headstart" the runners in lanes 2-4 of a four lane track for an 800 m race where the runners stay in their lanes.
College Prep Math class is reviewing/relearning Area and Circumference.

4:15 pm: Pick-up boys at Daycare
I get Luke and Laura gets Matty.  Off we go!

4:50 pm: Arrive home
Feed Porter and let him out.

5:10 pm: On the bike
1.5 hour endurance ride on the trainer.
Laura bathed both boys and fed Matty while I was on the bike.  Awesome!

6:45 pm: Dinner
Left-overs.  Remember that Sir Pizza from Sunday evening.  Oh yeh.  And the ChimiChangas.  Quick and easy!

7:15 pm: Clean-up

7:40 pm: Books and Bedtime
Luke and I read a Counting Numbers book and an Animal Sounds book.

8:15 pm: The Bachelor
Since tomorrow's schedule is a 7 mile recovery run, I don't have to wake-up early.  So Laura and I got to enjoy another one of our shows.  Well, more hers than mine, but I like watching it with her.  Juan Pablo has been an interesting choice for the Bachelor this season.  He took some heat from Andy this week, and there is more on the horizon next week when, "The Women Tell All" episode airs.  Oooh!

9:30 pm: Bedtime

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